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  • Access To The Inner Game Installed Rapid Transformation Video Modules Where The World's Leading Rapid-Change Expert Uses Cutting Edge Techniques To Reprogram My Mind..

  • The Inner Game Installed Audio Installations - Downloadable mp3 audio files that I simply listen to while I close my eyes - and allow them erase my fears, anxieties, and worries and replace them with steel-eyed confidence and powerful new beliefs.

  • The Downloadable Interactive Inner Game Installed Worksheets that aid in the transformation and allow me to experience the maximum amount of change as fast as possible.

“This Stuff Is Seriously Powerful...”

"This stuff is seriously powerful, Richard. Right now I am doing things I never thought I could. I’m at these totally upscale bars where everyone is beautiful. Girls are much more open to talk to me than before and say things like "you're so funny", giving me their numbers when I’m not asking! It’s like i have a new life and no one can turn me back into the old me and I’m just so grateful for it.

Before i was trying to take baby steps with all of the dating game but this feels like I’ve taken a shot of confidence juice and now I’m the incredible hulk of charisma. People just want to be around me now. I don’t know how else to explain it. I feel like i have ‘it’. And it’s not forced. Everything just works for me and I feel like I have super powers. I didn’t think it could be this easy, but it is. I want you to know you can use this as a testimonial or whatever you want because I seriously owe you everything. I’d been trying so hard and getting so little and now I’m a different person. Thank you!"


I’ll try out everything in Inner Game Installed for a full 60 days... use it as I wish.. and if I’m not COMPLETELY satisfied, I can simply send an email asking for a refund.

Richard La Ruina
Terms and Conditions

Inner Game Installed is a one time payment of $97. You have a full 60 day money back guarantee if its not for you, you can receive all of your money back no questions asked, simply by reaching support at +1(888)-585-3977.