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What It Is: Stealth Attraction Explained

The video presentation on this page will show you how to be more confident as a man and more attractive to women.

You’ll be pleased to know that this is not a gimmick...the techniques I share with you are REAL - they are based on the most cutting-edge research.

You’re going to want to watch the entire video to see exactly how quickly you can be a more attractive man, without acing or being fake.

Here’s just some of what you’re going to learn... There’s over 8 hours of video footage inside the course!

  • How to know if a girl is attracted to you before you talk to her... So you can avoid the go-nowhere interactions.

  • A simple trick for gaining “instant confidence” that last for hours, so you can approach every social interaction with ease.

  • Three simple words that automatically make people trust you. These words are used by trained psychologists to help their paitents feel at ease.

  • The one thing women want more than anything else in the world... And how to put yourself in a position where you are the only guy she can get it from.

  • The single sentence you must never say to a girl to make her think of you as more than just a friend.

  • How to control the unknown “silent language” of your body to draw women to you from the moment you step in the room.

  • How to make a woman think you are an incredible conversationalist... Even if you think you have nothing in common with her.

  • How to make sure you never end up in the friend zone again. You can still be a nice guy... but just not a "friend".

What Some Customers Are Saying About Stealth

Here are just a handful of the thousands of testimonials we’ve received from REAL customers explaining the results they have gotten so far, using the Stealth Attraction system.

About Europe's Top Dating Coach

Hey, I’m Richard La Ruina and I’m known as Europe’s top dating coach.

Back in 2005, I was a shy and lonely guy who wasn’t happy with his life. I was single, and after losing my virginity at 21, had not had any more success with the ladies up until the age of 25.

By chance I discovered the area of human dynamics and immediately dedicated myself to getting to grips with it. After 6 months I started to get some results, not too much better than the average cool guy, but light-years ahead of where I started.

Now I am happily married to the woman of my dreams. Choose me to be your coach in dating and life and I'll show you the keys to social and dating success. Read More Here.

Inner Game Installed

Install Powerful, unshakeable, rock solid confidence in your mind starting today.

Whatever is holding you back in life right now, confidence is usually the route cause of it. By limiting your mind, you are limiting your opportunities in life. Let this program help you build a new found confidence that others will be drawn to and make you feel unstoppable.

There are 7 Modules in the program. Each consists of two parts: The first is the video component that prepares you for the installation. The second is the audio installation, itself. This is a 60 minute audio that you simply lay down and listen to with your eyes closed.

Using the most powerful transformational methodologies ever developed, it goes to work uprooting the issues that have held you back and installing powerful new beliefs. It is important that you first watch the video, so that the installations have maximum effect. Buy Inner Game Installed Now

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